Prime Beef Burgers

Any sandwich served on pita bread, bagel, kaiser roll or “Texas toast” .50 extra. Your choice of double cheese (two slices), mild American, Swiss, crumbled “Maytag” bleu or tangy cheese sauce .50 extra. Purchase any sandwich and get your choice of dinner salad, 7 oz. cup of chili or soup, French fries or hash browns for ONLY 2.00 extra.

G5’s BIG BeefBurger*

10.50We take ONE POUND of lean CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand prime patties, cook it your way add tomato, onion, lettuce and serve it on a grilled bun. Not Just a Hamburger . . . But a Feast!

With double cheese. 11.00

BeefBurger, One Half Pound*

8.00“The perfect burger”, flavorful, juicy, and full of that real beef taste burger-lovers crave. Eight ounce CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand prime patty, charbroiled or grilled.

.50 eachCreate your own burger:


double cheese, crumbled “Maytag” bleu cheese, feta cheese, chili, one slice of ham, pita bread or patty melt


Bacon BeefBurger

Bacon Cheeseburger

10.00 An eight ounce CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand prime patty with two strips of Oscar mayer bacon, and two slices of cheese. Cooked the way you like.

Patty Melt

Patty Melt

8.50“The perfect patty melt”,flavorful, juicy and made from an 8 ounce CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand prime patty. Served on grilled rye with one slice of American and one slice of swiss then smothered with grilled onions and cooked the way you liked.