La Jeffrey*

la jeffrey

#3 4.50Two extra large eggs and hash browns with your choice of two sausage patties, four strips of bacon, four links of sausage or two slices of ham, served with toast and Smucker’s jelly or jam.

La Danielle*

#4 4.50Two eggs, your choice of two strips of bacon, one sausage patty, two links of sausage or one slice of ham and a bottomless cup of coffee, toast and jelly.

La Bryce

la bryce

#5 4.50Four silver dollar hot cakes or two pieces of “Texas” French toast with four strips of bacon, two sausage patties or four links of sausage.

La Ryan

#6 4.50Our 3-minute special, fresh hot coffee, Danish or toast and choice of crisp Kellogg’s cereal.