Certified Angus Beef®

We proudly offer you the savory Certified Angus Prime Beef® brand – Angus beef at its best. This world-renowned beef brand is the best-tasting beef available.

Strip Steak Dinner*

18.00Ten oz. CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand strip steak charbroiled and served with French fries, dinner salad, 10 oz. bowl of soup, roll and butter.

16.00With six oz.
ribeye steak*

Michigan Coney “Special”

#273.25Michigan’s finest natural-casing hot dog, covered with ground CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand “loose” and then topped off with chili, yellow mustard and finely chopped raw onions, all carefully packed inside a steamed hot dog bun.

Michigan Coney Burger

#282.75Quarter pound of ground CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® “loose” topped with chili, yellow mustard and chopped onions packed in a warm hot dog bun.

.50 extraWith our famous tangy cheese sauce.

Sterling Coney Taco

#293.75Spicy ground CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand “loose” covered with our famous Phoenix chili with beans, diced onions, cheese sauce, shredded lettuce, a tasty red sauce, and garnished with diced tomatoes all packed in a warm coney bun.

G5’s BIG BeefBurger*

10.50We take ONE POUND of lean CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand prime patties, cook it your way add tomato, onion, lettuce and serve it on a grilled bun. Not Just a Hamburger . . . But a Feast!

With double cheese. 11.00

BeefBurger, One Half Pound*

8.00“The perfect burger”, flavorful, juicy, and full of that real beef taste burger-lovers crave. Eight ounce CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand prime patty, charbroiled or grilled.

.50 eachCreate your own burger:


double cheese, crumbled “Maytag” bleu cheese, feta cheese, chili, one slice of ham, pita bread or patty melt


Bacon BeefBurger

Bacon Cheeseburger

10.00 An eight ounce CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand prime patty with two strips of Oscar mayer bacon, and two slices of cheese. Cooked the way you like.

Phoenix Cheesesteak Pita*

13.00Six oz CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand ribeye steak sliced and served with melted Swiss cheese, grilled red onions and peppers on a warm pita.

add .75With mushrooms.

La Natural (Steak & Eggs)*

ribeye steak and eggs

#7 14.00Six oz. CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand ribeye steak with three extra large eggs, hash browns and two silver dollar hot cakes and toast with Smucker’s jelly or jam.

16.00With ten oz. CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand Strip Steak

La Senior*

#10 8.00Three Grade AA extra large eggs, hash browns, toast & jelly served with choice of half pound CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand prime patty or charbroiled chicken breast.

Patty Melt

Patty Melt

8.50“The perfect patty melt”,flavorful, juicy and made from an 8 ounce CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® Brand prime patty. Served on grilled rye with one slice of American and one slice of swiss then smothered with grilled onions and cooked the way you liked.